Gameslab Planet creates a new dark comedy that's more than just a game

by: Russell -
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Gamesplanet Lab has recently announced their second project, known as Day One.  The story of the game is about a man who is weary of the world and tired of broken promises, and then learns he has a day to live.  Back home though he finds a capsule and a note saying the capsule will keep him alive for 24 more hours and to come to Paris for more info.  Got to be honest, that's one way to get someone to go to Paris: give them another 24 hours to live.

For those who don't know, Gamesplanet Lab is a new, integrated crowdsourcing and distribution platform for independent game developers, and Day One is the second project to be launched on Gamesplanet Lab.  Gamers who wish to help contribute to the project can head over to from now until August 24th.

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