Gamescom 2011: Street Fighter X Tekken trailer shows off new mechanics

by: Jeremy -
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The latest trailer for Capcom’s new crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken has been released for the annual Gamescom event and has already hit the internet. The trailer, which you can view below, highlights many of the new gameplay mechanics that are being incorporated into the game.

The video shows players how to get the most of of the team based combat which drives the games, including new tagging and crossover combo mechanics. The video also gives us our first glimpse of the 4 newest characters in action: Huge, Ibuki, Raven and Kuma. This game is looking absolutely phenomenal and I am very glad to see that it is truly and evolution of the SF4 engine and not just the same game with new characters. This is one game that I will be there for on day 1...

Source: VG247

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