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Up until now, it's all been a lot of talk for Hydrophobia.  Hearing about underwater combat is nice, but it's impossible to gauge how it will actually play and feel.  The video below changes that by way of a developer diary that discusses underwater combat.  According to the press release, the developers are trying to leave a choice: do you want to play with or without water?  

Since water slows the speed down slightly, it creates a "bullet time" of sorts.  Your decision will thus affect how the game plays out and whether you "unleash the floods" in a specific area.  There is even discussion of some of the various in-game weapons that will be available.  I'll be honest, I'm impressed and anxious to try it out myself.

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Hydrophobia underwater combat revealed at Gamescom

The first in a series of development diaries detailing the unique gameplay elements of the multi award winning X360 game Hydrophobia has been launched to coincide with the Gamescom event. This first diary shows the game’s underwater combat in action.

The underwater combat system allows players to feel the full 3D physics of the groundbreaking HydroEngine TM in action. The player feels the full crushing force of the water, and is able to use the envirnoment to achieve revolutionary new gameplay. In many instances the player can choose whether to engage the enemy on dry land or puposefully trigger breaches that flood the environment partially or totally – the water surges in and the player struggles for control. Under water, bullet speeds are somewhat slower enabling the player to play in `bullet time’ – dodging enemy fire while unleashing a wide variety of unique ammo types that are tailored to the watery arena. Ammunition such as electric rounds which emit a localised electric field, sticky rounds which can be remotely detonated and sonic rounds which can be used stun enemies or detonate nearby explosives make for a uniquely engaging and infinitely variable gameplay experience.
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