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In November, you'll be seeing an update of Games for Windows LIVE to v1.2. With it comes support for offline Achievements, joinable games, and more UI features. They seem to be pushing out these updates frequently which is good for users.

In August 2007, Games for Windows – LIVE v1.1 added a lot of great features that enhanced the user experience, including support for five new languages (Russian, Polish, Czech, Norwegian and Dutch), the addition of 12 new gamer pics and a new Network Information Viewer to provide a simpler way to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Games for Windows – LIVE v1.1 also included many backend upgrades to improve gamers’ experiences such as DirectX 10 and Windows XP support for future Games for Windows – LIVE titles,  log on error reporting, improved error messaging, improved router interaction, improved security and reduced time to recover a gamer profile on new Windows PCs.

The Games for Windows – LIVE v1.2 update will continue to add numerous end-user benefits to the service, such as support for offline Achievements, so gamers can continue to rack up Gamerscore when not connected to the internet, the ability to see whether your friends are “joinable” in games, along with additional UI features.

Microsoft is rolling out two Games for Windows – LIVE updates in a matter of only four months, but we’re just getting started! Our goal is to deliver new and exciting experiences for Windows gamers, while maintaining the unique PC gaming environment we love. We’ve come a long way since announcing the vision of LIVE across multiple Microsoft platforms last year and are committed to continually refining and bringing future functionality to Games for Windows – LIVE.

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