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So, Asda Story players in Europe got a raw deal when their servers were closed a little while back. Now, evidently those same folks are being welcomed into the US version of the game by GamesCampus. Having a different publisher, the games were two entirely separate entities. I'm still not sure how the euro company didn't think to try and hand off it's users to the US instance before closing, but whatever.

The good news is that to whomever it matters, these folks can now play their favorite game again. From the beginning... with a new character... doing it all over again. Not sure I'd go through that, but some folks may like repetition. To those folks I say there might be some folks who may like repetition. See what I did there?

Hit the jump to learn more about this fascinating saga.

Asda Story U.S. Invites European Players To Come And Join in The Fun At --Celebrates With a Special 3X EXP
Event, April 27th

Sunnyvale, Calif. (April 22, 2010) - Leading online game publisher, (, has put out an invitation to
European Asda Story players to come and join its North American
players at Recently the Asda Story EU servers
closed and Asda Story players in Europe are without a place to play
their favorite MMORPG. To celebrate the new community members joining
from Europe, Asda Story will be holding a special 3 EXP event next
week on April 27th where players can collect dropped items from
monsters and turn them in to start 3x EXP for an hour.  Asda Story is
available to download at

"We know there is a healthy and loyal Asda Story community in Europe
and right now they are without their favorite game" said David Chang,
EVP of Marketing and Business Development at "While
we don't currently have servers in Europe, our U.S. community is
thriving and we want to invite the players in Europe to come and join
our U.S. community so they can once again experience their favorite
MMORPG, Asda Story."

The European version of Asda Story, which was published by a different
company, recently closed down, leaving players with nowhere to play
the game. The service closure in Europe has no affect on the current
stability or future growth of Asda Story U.S., and in fact, Asda Story
U.S. service has more than doubled in size in the past few months.
Because GamesCampus has no affiliation with the previous publisher,
the database cannot be accessed so players will not be able to carry
over their characters but GamesCampus invites players to join the U.S.
community for a fresh start.

Based on a colorful, bright and cheerful world, Asda Story is a free to
play exciting fantasy-style anime 3D MMORPG game that features a
unique 'Soul Mate System.'  The unique party system offers two players
the ability to align to become 'soul mates' and allows them to wear
unique costumes and use special skills. Another key feature of the
game is the 'Real Costume System,' which gives players some of the
most extensive personalization and design options ever seen in an

For more information about or Asda Story, please visit
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