Gamers, Sign on the dotted line (Gamer activism to identify game violence as part of the art)

by: Ben Berry -
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Note: The below post represents on my opinion and doesn't neccesarily represent that of Gaming Nexus, it's staff or management, or any other human, animal, plant, mineral or plankton on Earth.

I signed up to get email from the Entertainment Consumers Associate at CES last year, and it's been mostly the typical PR stuff until today. I don't normally put much stock in on-line petitions, but I think we should all work to prevent censorship of game materials. Like all other forms of video entertainment, I believe video game creation to be an art, and protected by the First Amendment. That includes the violence in the games that court battles like Schwarzeneggar v. EMA are looking to have curtained or removed by displacing the First Amendment protection of game creators.

The ECA will be filing a "friend of the court" brief, essentially presenting the petition and other arguments to assist the EMA in their effort. I encourage each and every gamer here to sign this petition to do whatever little bit we can to assist in the battle to protect our gaming freedom.
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