Gamers can chose the next Spirit Animal Monument for Zuma Blitz

by: Russell -
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Beginning today, PopCap Games is letting players of Zuma Blitz vote on the next Spirit Animal Monument.  They've dubbed it "A Monumental Decision" (cue chirping crickets).  Voters will be able to choose between a rabbit, eagle, and snake.  What, no lion?  (yeah, I know, really bad Harry Potter joke there).  The voting runs through Monday at 9am PST.

There's just one issue though.  The notice I got said you could click on the banner above or below the game to vote.  However, I went all over the game's page on as well as the Facebook page, and I didn't see anything concerning the voting.  A google search only turned up one other news source on it, so I'm really at a loss on how to vote.
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