Gameplay footage revealed for TRON: Evolution

by: Chad -
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Are you wondering what type of game TRON: Evolution will end up being?  You aren't alone!  Disney Interactive studios wants to help by giving us a little taste of what to expect.  This "Behind the Scenes" (or Developer Diary) video shows off light cycle racing, tank destruction, hand-to-hand combat, and even platforming.  The visual style is very clean and crisp which should help keep the action manageable.  Look for TRON: Evolution on December 7.

Welcome to the Grid! Disney Interactive Studios has just released a new, behind the scenes video for TRON: Evolution. Game Director Darren Hedges and Design Director Chris Whiteside among other development team members, showcase the game’s fluid-style of movement. High mobility combat, TRON: Evolution’s core mechanic, fuses Capoeira-style combat with free running mobility, providing gamers a very unique experience.

The TRON rebirth starts on December 7 with the launch of TRON: Evolution. Gamers will be able to seamlessly connect from single player story mode into 10 person multiplayer battles in the prequel story to the highly anticipated film, TRON: Legacy, in theaters December 17. TRON: Evolution – Battle Grids, coming out the same day and created especially for the Nintendo Wii, will allow gamers to battle, race, and play arcade combat games to become the ultimate Grid Games Champion!
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