Gameloft bringing Modern Combat to PS3

by: Jeremy -
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Gameloft shocked the world with an incredibly high qualitym multiplayer FPS for the iOs a couple of years back with Modern Combat. Now, they are looking to give that same franchise an HD upgrade with a release tailored to the PlayStation Network: Modern Combat: Domination.

The game was revealed on the Official PlayStation Blog earlier this week. Modern Combat: Domination is slated for release next month on the PlayStation Network. The new game will be exclusive to Sony’s digital distribution platform and provide online multiplayer with full PlayStation Move support. Domination will include all of the bells and whistles of the modern competitive FPS including ranks and unlocks and a focus on squad based gameplay and objectives within a given match.

Gameloft is planning on releasing a demo of the game on the PSN sometime soon and the final product should retail in the area of $9.99, though the price isn’t concrete at this point. As you can see from the screenshots below, it sure does look nice... and hopefully it plays as good as it looks.

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