Gamefly expands shipping centers once again

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Last week, Gamefly sent word that they have finally opened their Austin, TX shipping center. The new center appears to serve Texas and states in the American heartland (see image). In addition, Gamefly promised more distro centers are on the way. Based on the current coverage area, a center in the NE (Boston area), Midwest (St Louis or Denver) or far Northwest (Seattle or Portland areas) appear to be logical destinations. Check out the e-mail announcement after the break.
We're excited to announce the opening of our newest Shipping Center in Austin, TX! Our Austin center will allow us to ship game rentals to the entire U.S. faster than ever.

We know that delivery times are very important to all our members. We're working with the USPS every day to speed up your shipping and get your games to you faster.

If you'd like to know whether Austin, Tampa, Pittsburgh, or Los Angeles is your primary Shipping Center, please check the return address on your next GameFly mailer or check your Membership Terms.

Have Fun,

The GameFly Team
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