Gamefly Experimenting with Trade-ins

by: Dan -
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I received an e-mail while in Vegas from Gamefly, offering to let me join a Beta for the new Gamefly Trade-in Program. The concept is simple, go to your account, add in the UPC codes of the games you wish to trade in, and then ship them to Gamefly (on their dime) before 10 days. I tested a few Xbox 360 titles (new and old), and received a promised credit of $23 for PGR4, $20.70 for BioShock and $6.90 for The Outfit. NHL2K8 also was promised at $23. At first glance, it sounds promising, but the caveat is that the trade-in credits only apply toward your monthly membership fees, not toward purchases. Check out the screens I took of the program after the jump:
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