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GameStop quantities are lower than expected, pre-order folks in an uproar

by: John -
I can't say I'm suprised by this news. GameSpot has news that GameStop quantities of the PlayStation 3 (See, I told you my other post was the last time I would capitilize the name.) were cut and that mnay pre-orders won't be filled on launch day. To those that pre-ordered hoping to sell your console on eBay and who will be missing the cut, sucks to be you. I really wish companies would just cut the pre-ordering of consoles out from their business model as it just causes more harm than good. They won't though as they love seeing that extra income from your pre-order dollars sitting in the bank earning interest while the console is being readied for launch. The last time I pre-ordered a console was the PlayStation 2 and I've learned from watching the horrible stories with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 that if you're just a little patient you'll be able to easily pick one up not too far down the road.