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Do you want to make the most out of your Valkyria Chronicles II experience?  If so, listen up because it might involve pre-ordering the game at GameStop.  Gamers who pre-order the PSP title from GameStop will receive an unlock code for 2 additional missions that can be downloaded from PSN at release.  One involves destroying all enemies, while the other requires breaking through a defensive encampment and causing chaos.  

All the details can be found hereValkyria Chronicles II will be released for PSP on August 31.

Pre-order Valkyria Chronicles™II at GameStop and unlock 2 free missions to download via PlayStation®Network at release.     

  • Exercise vs. Class E - Exterminatory war exercise against rival class E using all areas of Leanbluff Forest. Destroy all enemies in each area to win this challenge.
  • Exercise vs. Class F – Defense exercise against rival class F. Break through their stonewalling defense and take over their encampment to win this mission.

Valkyria Chronicles II will be available for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system on August 31, 2010.

Join Together And Defeat The Rebel Forces

Two years after the Great Battle against the Imperial Army, the Gallians must once again rise to protect their freedom.

Be the hero in a dramatic fight to save your country alongside fellow cadets from Gallia’s Lancir Military Academy. Gallia and its plentiful mineral resources are under attack again – this time from the rebel Gallian Revolutionary Army that aims to conquer Gallia’s new regime.   

What’s New?
  • Revamped & turn-based ‘BLiTZ’(Battle of Live Tactical Zones) battle system
  • The “CANVAS” graphics engine fully re-designed for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system
  • New multiplayer modes: 4 Player Co-Op & 2 Player Versus Mode
  • 30 new battle maps and 10 new environments
  • 30 new military units and 200+ missions
  • Customizable weapons, tanks and characters with over 3 times the options as before
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