GameFly betas the all you can play PC games feature

by: John -
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Are you subscribed to GameFly? Play games on your PC? Well, you can now beta test GameFly's Unlimited PC Play option which lets you download a large selection of games and play them without having to make a purchase.

Now, you won't get the top titles out now, but you do get some pretty good titles of the past from such folks as THQ and Capcom. The ability to download a game and play with a subscription's pretty tempting for me to try. There's some older titles I've always wanted to play, but never picked up when they were released.

GameFly's really trying to make a dent here in the likes of Steam with this feature and while I loathe putting another client on my gaming computer, this just might tempt me to do so.

Anyone have experience with GameFly;s Direct2Drive PC download feature? If so, what are your thoughts?
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