Game industry luminaries to slum it with GamingNexus EIC at PAX 2009

by: Chuck -
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If you're going to the Penny Arcade Expo and want to see a bunch of talented game journos talk about game reviews I invite you to come to the Raven theatre on Sunday from 4-5 where Nick Puleo from Co-Optimus, Kyle Orland from Crispy Gamer, Nick Chester from Destructoid, and Phillip Kollar from Current Gaming will be talking about what goes into a review,  should be considered in the context of their release, and the value (or lack thereof) of review scores.  Oh yeah, I'll be there as well along with Chris Paladino of Promethium Marketing who will be serving as the panel moderator.

I'm a bit nervous about the thing but it should be a good time and I'm honored to be selected.
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