Game Arts would like to tell you a story

by: Jeremy -
More On: Lunar: The Silver Star Story
Game Arts would like to tell you one of the greatest (personal opinion there) video game stories of all time... without making you play through the game.

The company has novelized the classic tale of Lunar: The Silver Star Story and released it on the Kindle platform through Amazon. The title is compatible with not only Kindle readers, but also iOs and Android devices running the Kindle software. The story is available through the Amazon website for $7.95. The Lunar series is easily my favorite RPG in the history of games; I have played through it numerous times on pretty much every platform it has been made available on... and will likely do the same with future releases. Thanks to the wonderful world of e-books and digital distribution, the tale woven by the game is now available for those who don’t necessarily want to sink the time into playing the game to experience the adventure.

Pretty cool concept in my opinion...

Source: Siliconera

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