Galaga celebrates its 30th by coming to!....iOS.

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Can you believe Galaga is 30 years old now? That's like, 5 years older than me. Yeesh, don't I feel like a kid. Anyway, Namco-Bandai is celebrating Galaga's 3-decade birthday by porting the classic arcade shooter over to the iOS. Galaga 30th Collection is an app hub that spans all of your Apple devices, and comes with a free copy of Galaxian to get you started. More Galaga-themed titles will be released in the following weeks and months.

Regular readers know I'm not a fan of iStuff or the idea that Apple's various devices can be serious gaming machines--let's face it, that's not what they were built for. But since games like Diner Dash and Angry Birds are just rehashed arcade classics anyway, it's nice that the actual classics are reaching the platform for younger gamers to finally experience.

Personally, though, I'm waiting for June 29th, to celebrate Galaga's 30th with Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions.
Galaga 30th Collection Available Now for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) Platforms

To honor the 30th anniversary of the beloved space arcade shooter Galaga, which came to North America in 1981, NAMCO BANDAI Games has released the new arcade compilation, Galaga 30th Collection for iOS devices, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The universal app is free to download from the App Store ( and is bundled with a free copy of Galaxian, with more classic Galaga titles available through in-app purchases.

The Galaga 30th Collection universal app will act as a hub for the Galaga universe across all iOS devices. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners will be able to experience the celebrated Galaga franchise at the tips of their fingers. The title features redesigned modernized remakes of all 4 titles in the Galaga series: Galaxian, Galaga, Gaplus and Galaga '88, available now in one upgradable iOS application!

The new Galaga features updated graphics, optimized touch-panel controls and more. With the new Galaga Points system, players can earn Galaga Points that they can spend on items to toughen up their ships, to create the meanest fighter in the systems. Players who become Galaga experts can collect achievement pins across the whole game series to boast their in-game accomplishments.

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