Gabe Newell talks about Valve, the industry, and other interesting things

by: John -
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Gabe Newell recently did an hour long talk at the LBJ School of Pubic Affairs. If you're interested in the gaming industry and how different the company is, it's a pretty good video to watch or listen to. Gabe spent a ton of time at Microsoft before Valve and he throws out some pretty fun little nuggets of info when he decided to move to creating Valve and some decisions he made. They don't have a Q/A department and they don't even have a marketing department. Doug Lombardi is known as the head of marketing, but that's just a title they gave him so it doesn't confuse other people. There were actually people in other gaming companies making more money at selling hats and other user generated content with Valve's games than working at their own game company. In any case, there's some really cool info on a large array of subjects here for the hour he talks.
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