GT Power Pack released today

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Simbin has released its Race 07 expansion called the GT Power Pack on schedule today.

It includes the Pagani Zonda R, BMW M3 GT2, and Matech GT1 along with the Mid-Ohio (often named "best road course" in America) and Chayka (the first track from the former Soviet Union to make it in a SimBin title) tracks.  The GT Power Pack also supports 25 players online.  It can be downloaded from both Steam, and RaceRoom Online.

Two more Race 07 content packs will be revealed in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

If you can't hit the track with those beauties today, then tide yourself over with the expansion's trailer.  

“GT Power Pack” released as an expansion pack

for “RACE 07”: Available via


Lidköping /Sweden, April 19, 2011 – The Swedish game development company SimBin Studios AB
today announced that “GT Power Pack” is now released as an expansion pack for the award winning PC
racing game “RACE 07”.

“GT Power Pack” is now available via digital distribution at only 4.99 Euro on:

RaceRoom Online:


The “GT Power Pack” is designed for those gamers who can’t get enough horsepower under their right foot, all content created in detail to ensure you get the real authentic feel of what driving one of these beasts is like. Can you handle it… and can you RACE it to victory?

Three high profile exotic GT sportscars (Pagani Zonda R, BMW M3 GT2, Matech GT 1) are ready to hammer around two completely new tracks: “Mid-Ohio” and “Chayka”. “Mid Ohio” is often named as “the best road course” in the USA whereas “Chayka” is the first track out of the former Soviet Union to make it to a SimBin title. The “GT Power Pack”is also supporting Multiplayer with up to 25 players online. 
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