GOG.com turned five and is pretty much giving away five indie games to celebrate

by: Randy -
More On: The Adventures of Shuggy
GOG.com, the video game distribution platform formerly known as Good Old Games, turned five years old on August 1, but it seems they're just now kicking off the celebration. Strangely, it's hard to believe GOG is only five. By virtue of its classic video game library, it sort of feels like it's been around forever. (Yeah, but remember when GOG totally sucked?) No. GOG has never sucked. It was good, and it's gotten better. 

For its fifth, it's putting up a little sale called the Super 5 Promo. It's five indie games for five bucks total: VVVVVV, The Adventures of Shuggy, Gateways, Escape Goat, and the Time Gentlemen, Please! + Ben There, Dan That! double pack. On Tuesday morning, October 1, party's over, and each game goes back to $4.99 each.

But hey. Even if five dollars is a bit steep for you right now, here's a screenshot of my personal GOG shelf. I'm almost 100% certain that the only one of these games I actually paid for was Planescape:Torment. The rest are free for the taking on GOG. 

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