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The Summer might be winding down, but Good Old Games is closing it out right with an infusion of new indie content. They're adding retro platformer Mutant Mudds, classic style RPG Inquisitor (on sale for $11.99) and finally the recent breakout hit FTL: Faster Than Light. FTL itself is great news, as it's about as close to an accurate Star Trek bridge sim you can get nowadays. Head over to GOG.com to check out all the new deals.

GOG.com Having an Indie-an Summer with More Great Titles Coming Soon
DRM-Free Digital Distributor bringing anticipated indies as well as more great classics in the coming weeks

Larnaca, Cypress (29 August 2012)
GOG.com, the games distributor that sells the best games from throughout PC history, will be bringing a number of great new indie games to the service in the coming weeks, including retro platformer Mutant Mudds, old-school RPG Inquisitor, and starship sim Faster Than Light. These games, as well as a wave of classics from some of the top names in the business, are welcoming gamers back to their computers at the end of Summer.

Inquisitor, today's special preorder, is an old-school RPG developed by Czech company Cinemax, which is bursting with all of the elements that a classic RPG should have: thousands of lines of story and NPC dialog; hundreds of weapons, monsters, environments, and times; and countless hours of action RPG gameplay. Under development for 10 years--and available in English for the first time on the 5th of September, Inquisitor is available in GOG.com's Digital Premium version for preorder on GOG.com right now for just $11.99, which is 20% off the full price of $15.99. The game comes bundled with enough extras to make a virtual collector's edition, with soundtrack, a novel set in the universe, a number of manuals and guides and even an artbook.

Mutant Mudds is a scrappy indie platformer already released on the 3DS, is known for being brutally hard in places, has found a welcome home on GOG (which has plenty of other hardcore retro platformers in its catalog), and will be coming to GOG's catalog tomorrow, the 30th of September. Winner of top scores from review outlets like Destructoid and Pure Nintendo, the arrival of the retro platformer should satisfy the old-school gamer in anyone.

Finally, the last exciting new indie release coming to GOG.com in the next few weeks is Kickstarter success story FTL: Faster Than Light. A "spaceship simulation realtime roguelike" that achieved more than 2000% of the Kickstarter goal that it was looking to achieve, this game has won the IGF honorable mention for Excellence in Design among other awards, and brings a crazy blend of roguelike randomization to a strategic spaceship sim in a game unlike any other. The as-yet unannounced release date for FTL is still sometime in the middle of September, and will be available on GOG.com upon launch.

In addition to the indie games, GOG.com has been releasing a slew of classics such as King of Dragon Pass, Lands of Lore 3, Ultima IX, Legacy of Kain: Defiance, and more.

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