GI Joe features co-op (yay) but not online (boo)

by: John -
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Shacknews got a look at the GI Joe: Rise of Cobra video game and it sounds like Army of Two light. The game is built around two-player co-op so there's always a buddy with you as you play. That's good as it's always more fun to have others play with you even if it is AI (when the AI is competent). It sounds like it's a pretty simplistic game as you don't even have to aim to shoot down the enemies with the auto aiming feature. You can though by using the second stick ala Smash TV but you can get through the whole game without ever aiming. I don't know how I feel about that but I guess if they were aiming for simlistic that is as siple as you can get. A friend can pick up a controller and jump in controlling the teammate so that's cool but they have omitted online play which sucks. I'd love to have a friend be able to join my fight against Cobra while online like Gears of War but all the resources went into making a game with a lot of Joe nostaliga instead of working on online play. Disappointing yes, and now you know.
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