G-Force team invading this Summer

by: Dan -
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One of my favorite cartoons as a kid was the venerable G-Force: Guardians of Space gang with their cool ship that could become all covered in fire like a phoenix. Unfortunately, the game and movie tie-in we will be getting this summer is about the OTHER G-Force, which is a group of specially trained furry rats guinea pigs that use gadgets and hi-tech toys to complete secret missions. The movie is being handled by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films while game distribution is handled by DIS. I'm not expecting more than the usual tie-in game styling, but it is a plus that some of the support actors from the film such as Jon Favreau (“Hurley”), Bill Nighy (“Leonard Saber”) and Sam Rockwell (“Darwin”) will be carrying their voices over to the game as well. The G-Force games are due out on iPhone and Java/Brew platforms ($6.99 MSRP) in June and on the 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PC, DS and Wii.
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