Future of Xbox 360 Achievements

by: Dan -
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BIGVIP (Xbox Live Group Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg) of Gamerscoreblog had a great post yesterday where he discusses the future of Xbox 360 game Achievements with the new policies that have been set for game developers. 
  • All retail games must have 1,000 points out of the box without users having to pay for any add-on content.  Publishers may deliver a portion of this 1,000 by add-on, but it must be free.
  • Publishers will have the option to add on an additional 250 points for retail and 50 points for Arcade games via downloadable add-ons.  These can be free or paid.
According to BIGVIP, this policy will be from this point forward, so don't expect any point updates for previous releases (although it could happen).  One additional note is that Crackdown will only have 900 points on the disk, but an additional 100 will be coming via FREE future content update. While this clarified policy should increase consistency among developers and publishers alike, it will also open up a potential new revenue stream and feed the crack-like habit of the Gamerscorewhores.
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