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Fuel Overdose demo is out now, in case you weren't sure cars with machine guns were awesome

by: Nathaniel -
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Car combat.  Short some sort of Mad Max-style apocalypse of shirtless Australians, videogames are going to be your only possible outlet should you have the burning desire to see your neighbor's car burning.  Fuel Overdose, which came out last week, is exactly the kind of car combat game I'm talking about.

It's not an arena battle game, either; it's a racing game - with guns, bombs, mines, missiles, and other crazy attacks.  They're calling it "tactical-action racing."  I don't know what you'll call it, I can't read minds - yet.  

A demo for Fuel Overdose currently resides on American Playstation Networks stores (Europe gets it next week).  The demo will feature one track (Prague), three characters (Odessa, Noa, and Rosa), and three vehicles (the Cadiz, Kashiwa, and El Paso).

Coming soon to Fuel Overdose will be two free DLC packs with a total of 10 new vehicles.  They're called the Mercenary vehicle pack and the Wanderer vehicle pack, respectively.

To learn more, visit fueloverdose.com, Facebook, and watch the following trailer.