Fuel Overdose blasting its way to PSN in January

by: Jeremy -
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I-Friqiya is bringing a unique blend of action and racing to the PlayStation Network next month in the form of Fuel Overdose. The game, which launches next week in Europe and early next month in North America, mixes traditional, off road racing with upgradeable weapons and special attacks.

The developers describe the action in the game as being a combination of the following:
  • upgradable weapons
  • ability to attack, defend and counter-strike at 360°
  • bombs located at strategic locations on the track and that can be detonated remotely
  • grappling hooks that can be used as weapons
  • distinctive Super and Ultra Attacks for each character
  • unique Skill moves for each character
  • combo chains to extend your chances of survival on the race track
  • Race Danger: a mass-destruction climatic catastrophe that only the highest bidder of the pre-race auction can summon
You can check out the latest trailer for the game below to get an idea of some of the action included and look forward to hearing more about the game as the official release approaches:

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