From the screen to the stage: Sheet Music company wants to turn virtual musicians into real ones

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I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m quite tired of snide comments of “you’re not ACTUALLY a rocker.” Thank you sirs, but I am quite the rocker on my Guitar Hero II. Well, now all us video game rockers can have an opportunity to add some credentials to the self-proclaimed title by practicing actual sheet music provided by Sheet Music Plus.

Sheet Music Plus is now offering sheet music for Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2 (that’s me!), and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Given how popular the music genre has become in video games (a little insight: the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises have together reached $3 billion in sales), it's no surprise that Sheet Music Plus has taken an interest in music gamers. They are hoping that their endeavors will help gamers become musicians. Their online catalog has more than 555,000 titles sure to catch a genre you’re interested in, so check their site for more details.

Sheet Music Plus Gives Gamers the Gift of Music with Offerings from Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and More

Emeryville, Calif., September 10, 2009 – As music-driven video games continue to explode in popularity, video games and music are entwined now more than ever. The leading Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises have surpassed more than a combined $3 billion in sales creating a revival in the classic rock that defined the music 20 years ago with gamers of all ages now rocking out to bands like Queen, Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Sheet Music Plus, the nation’s leading online provider of sheet music, wants to help gamers channel their passion into becoming active musicians. Whether it’s for Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2 or Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Sheet Music Plus has the sheet music they need to graduate from rocking in front of the TV to rocking the stage.

“Today’s kids often get more exposure to music from video games and movies than from any other source, and it would be great if this gaming trend can be a gateway back to learning to play live music,” said Keith Cerny, CEO of Sheet Music Plus. “By offering up sheet music for the songs they are exposed to via these blockbuster gaming titles, there is an incentive for them to try their hand at actually performing these extremely popular tunes.”

Hal Leonard, the world’s largest music print publisher, provides Sheet Music Plus with much of the sheet music for these video games, with most of the offerings being available for the whole gamut of traditional instruments, such as drums, guitar, clarinet, flute, trumpet, horn, violin, and piano, among many others. To view these titles or to track down other songs and artists, visit

Sheet Music Plus provides the largest selection of sheet music in the US for all types of musicians, teachers, and instruments. Its catalog of more than 555,000 titles spans sheet music for all genres from classical, holiday and Broadway to rock, pop and new wave, making it the one-stop shop for the teachers of today and the artists of tomorrow.
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