From the Bengi News Network: Is it a massage or is it Tekken 4?

by: Ben Berry -
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My friend Bengi sometimes sends me news she reads that she believes I'll find interesting. And she's always right. From now on, when it's something gaming related, I'm going to share it with the world.

This time it's a story from Uplggd regarding a prototype controller that allows the gamer to play games by using a vest worn by another person as the controller. Appearantly, pressing the buttons on the back of the vest also give stimulation to the back of the person wearing it.

Obviously, getting frustrated and throwing the controller isn't going to be good for you relationship if your wife is the one wearing the vest. Currently, it's only working off a hacked Playstation controller, but once they move past prototype stage, they'd like it to work with all systems. Read the story here.
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