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Free Games & Beta Testing
  • Is $14.95/month killing your checkbook?  Then download Myth War Online, a free MMO with over 75,000 registered users.
  • Modern warfare shooter WarRock's beta client is waiting for orders, sir!
  • Reviewers are praising Prey's clever portal gameplay.  But check out Narbacular Drop, a free environmental puzzle game that was doing it back in 2005.
Previews, Reviews, and Interviews
  • 2-D enthusiasts will want to read this review of the adorable-looking Gunbound Revolution.
  • Set in the original RPG world of Alendere, here are 10 new screenshots for Dawnspire: Prelude.
  • As Snoop used to say, "Just chill 'til the next episode."  Well, the next episode is coming.  Half Life 2: Episode 2 portal trailer.
  • Zombie lovers stand up!  Here's a Dead Rising trailer.
  • Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can sure give it a shot.  Caesar IV has another trailer out.
  • And, riding the Comic-Con publicity wave, here's the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance trailer for HD and Windows Media.
  • NHL 2K7 has a trailer out for their animations & pro controller.
  • Here's an interview with RAN Online's Lead Designer, P. B. Kim, at
  • Then seize the screenshots and background story dev diary for Carpe Diem while you're over there.
  • They also have an interview with a couple EverQuest reps about the new Progression Server.
  • And an editorial about the expectations of small developer teams for MMOs.
  • Apolyton posted part 2 of 3 for their shaky-cam preview of Civilization IV: Warlords expansion.  This segment covers the Qin dynasty in China.
Hardware Reviews by Legit Reviews.
  • The Corsair 2GB PC2-6400 C3 DDR2 memory line is up for review, aimed at overclockers and gamers.
  • Both soon to be price-slashed to $300, here is the AMD 5000+ vs. Intel E6600 review.
Demos & Mods
  • Universal Combat Special Edition, for sci-fi buffs, has a demo and a patch for its demo.
  • The Yankees are comin'!  Build your own scenarios with the Take Command: 2nd Manassas mod tools, in English.
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