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  • Atomic Gamer has some Chinese medieval RTS action with The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms demo.
  • Or, if the English language turns you off, they have the Bet On Soldier: Blood of Sahara demos in, uh, German and Spanish.  So, um, good luck with that.
  • Might ye be in ownership of Kings of the Dark Age, forsooth, there harkens the 1.20 patch.
  • And -- don't miss this -- a hot new teaser for Half Life 2 Episode 2.
  • interviews David Bowman, CEO of Tulga Games, and Ed Andercheck, Owner of EI Interactive, about the recent Horizons buyout.
  • They also snagged an interview with Stieg Hedlund from Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising regarding gameplay and design.  I'm keeping my eye on this bad boy, since it looks like it's pushing the MMO in some strategic new directions -- not to mention that it looks gorgeous.
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