Freedom! A look at a wireless Wiimote like controller for the 360

by: John -
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This fall, we'll see a wireless controller for the 360 (with the same one coming for the PS3 later) by Gametrak. The GameTrak Freedom controller gets previewed by the folks at IGN and from the shot of the product it looks like your typical Wiimote style controller with Xbox 360 branding of buttons. As Chuck says, here comes a rash of crappy mini-games with this launch so we'll see if that comes to light. It probably will happen but we might also be blessed with some interesting titiles utilizing the controller and having the graphical horsepower to put up some good visuals as well. An interesting design note is that it uses two ultrasound sensors placed around the TV. The controller emits the ultrasound and it uses the sensors to help determine the position. Interesting stuff.
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