Free Update for The Witcher Enhanced is Out; Blood Patch Puts Gore into the Enhanced Retail

by: Eva -
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CD Projekt RED has made good on their promise to deliver The Witcher Enhanced to all those who already own the original game. You can now grab all the update patches to upgrade your original Witcher game to the enhanced version. The only thing you can't do with the patched original that you can accomplish with the The Witcher Enhanced Retail version is change languages on the fly. Speaking of the retail version, if you enjoy the more colorful and gory details of combat, you'll want to download the blood patch.

The Witcher Community site has instructions on how to install the appropriate patches without corrupting your files. I would add that updating from the original to the enhanced version will take a couple hours. You should put a do not disturb on your PC while patching as it can't be stopped or paused once you initiate it. I also discovered that although the Witcher site recommends using the Download Manager to patch, downloading from a local source if you're in the U.S. will go much faster. I found the The Witcher Original to Enhanced Edition Patch, The Witcher Enhanced Edition English Lang. Pack and The Witcher Enhanced Edition - Blood Patch hosted on FileFront. Give it a couple hours and you too can enjoy the penultimate version of The Witcher.

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