Fox News proclaims that console gaming is dead

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Fox News is well known for its political views and agenda, but this article caught my attention as something a bit out of left field. Blake Snow, one of Fox News SciTech Gadget writers, declares in a recent article that the new Nintendo console getting shown off at E3 will be “the last of its kind.”

Snow does an ok job of getting a cross-section of sources to support his theory, but many of these are small snippets of larger conversations he seems to have taken to justify his views. I also think that the one voice missing was an informed gamer and someone from the gaming journalist community. Michael Pachter (Chuck’s favorite gaming analyst) who states that “Gaming will move to the cloud” certainly doesn’t count as a voice for the gaming world.

While I certainly don’t agree with Snow completely, I do see a shift in console philosophy and I think the article has some valid points. However, I think the article completely underestimates the core gamer’s desire and mentality to have the best gaming experience possible, which a handheld device cannot deliver. I have long thought that wireless smart devices were leaving the long-in-the-tooth DS and PSP devices in their wake, but I don’t foresee them making high-powered consoles a thing of the past any time soon.

Take a read of the whole article and let us know what you think in the comments.
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