Former Nyko COO Borenstein starts new accessory company SunFlex

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There's a saying that coaches are hired to be fired, but I wonder if that also applies to gaming executives? Because if you are really good at your job, shouldn't you still have that job? The reason I ask is that the former COO of Nyko, Howard Borenstein, has started his own accessory firm. His new firm, SunFlex, is going to be distributing a brand called snakebyte here in the US. I'm not sure the US needs more accessories, but their first Wii products have the "premium" label attached to them, so hopefully they will bring new quality products to the market.

SUNFLEX USA: New Video Game Accessory Distributor Hits the Ground Running
Snakebyte brand debuts in US with 6 SKUs for PlayStation, Wii and A/V

Sherman Oaks, CA – Sunflex USA, a new video game accessory distributor, announced its entry into the US market today by bringing six initial products to America.
Headed by Howard Borenstein, former COO of Nyko, the company’s initial lineup includes two accessories for the Nintendo Wii: the snakebyte Premium Remote XL+ in both black and white and the snakebyte Premium Fitness Board, also available in both black and white. The initial accessory for PlayStation 3 is the snakebyte Premium Bluetooth Controller and the company is also releasing their MAMBA series HDMI 3D cables, the perfect cable for 3D televisions launched this summer.
The snakebyte brand is known as one of the premiere video game accessory brands across Europe and Australia, with sales in excess of €9 million in 2009.
“I’m excited about this opportunity to bring snakebyte products to the US,” said Borenstein, Sunflex USA’s President. “Although the competition is strong, the snakebyte brand is a proven seller with great history and excellent reviews. The thing I like about the snakebyte brand is that nothing is a ‘me too’ product. Each item in our lineup has unique attributes that make it stand out from other similar controllers and cables. In addition, I’m very excited about a new licensed PC controller that we’ll be debuting in the marketplace in late September and know it will help launch our company from the day it’s released.”
Joining Borenstein in the executive suite will be Mitch Perliss, Vice President Marketing. Perliss has been in the home entertainment software business for over 30 years, including executive positions at retail giants Wherehouse and Music Plus as well as Handleman/Anchor Bay Entertainment. He’s also launched new start-ups in the DVD industry and over the past two years has worked in the fitness industry, including developing the marketing programs for the Kim Kardashian fitness series, Tamilee Webb’s “Buns of Steel” and many more. “I’m very excited about this opportunity to join Sunflex USA,” said Perliss. “I was involved in the launch of Atari, Mattel’s Intellivision and Colecovision, and it’s great to come full circle and once again be involved in the video game business.”
Part of Perliss’ initial vision is to work with select media partners and social media to develop brand awareness for the new company, and he’s already working with local colleges to develop programs where gamer clubs will test and help market the company’s accessories. “I’ve developed strategy for start-up companies before, and it’s important to get grass roots support for our product here in America. I think our strategy will do just that and get our name out amongst the gaming community very quickly.”
Bruce Borenstein has been named Vice President, Sales of the new organization. Most recently Executive Vice President of The Neat Company where he was in charge of international sales into the SOHO channel, Bruce successfully took a start up from launch to $20 million in annual sales in four years. Prior to joining Neat, Bruce was President/CEO of The Paston Hunter Company and Senior VP Sales & Marketing at Digital Innovations. “I’m excited to join my brother in his new business. Together I know we’ll have the same type of success that we’ve each had individually,” said Borenstein.
The company has already lined up national distributors to carry its product, including VAST in New York and Newtek in California, amongst others. Additional distributors will be named over the next couple of weeks. “We can’t afford to grow too fast,” states Borenstein. “In today’s economy I want to make certain we make a name for ourselves with strong, quality product at a fair price and grow from there.”
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About Sunflex USA
Located in Los Angeles, CA, Sunflex USA is the exclusive distributor of the snakebyte brand, which includes simple adaptors across clever transport and storage solutions and includes elaborate and innovative controllers, high-end cables and peripherals, always with a focus on innovation and user benefit.
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