For $49.99, you too could have bought Harmonix and all its debt

by: John -
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For less than the price of a Rock Band 3 game, Columbus Nova paid Viacom $49.99 for Harmonix according to the Wall Street Journal. Of course, Columbus Nova's getting all the debt that goes along with it so the $49.99 isn't THAT nice of a deal, but if Harmonix can turn it around, it could work out well for Columbus Nova.

Viacom not only gets out of the debt, but they get $150 million in tax benefits. They paid a total of $175 million for Harmonix way back when, but they still lost a good deal of money.

Now, let's see what the next few months brings to Harmonix. Will we start seeing some layoffs? What about future Harmonix products? Hopefully, Harmonix comes through and gets out of the debt they have now.
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