Football inspired analog stick covers are here... um, yay?

by: Ben Berry -
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A few weeks ago I got a review sample in the mail of some analog stick covers designed to make using the analog sticks less painful during long gaming session. Now KontrolFreek who made the "blockbuster" FPS Freek and Speed Freek attachments has returned with pigskin themed analog stick covers/extensions designed to make your enjoyment of Madden or NCAA 2011 that much more ...enjoyable.

I am onboard with the idea of anything that makes gaming more comfortable but the press release goes more than a bit over the top when it offers the gamer the ability to "push the offense back one yard at a time". Somehow, these comfort wraps for the top of an analog stick are going to magically increase the accuracy of the Xbox 360 analog controls.

Yeah, I don't think so.

If you want cool looking football themed controllers, buy these. They may even make your thumbs more comfortable. But with the exception of a little less wear and tear on your digits, it's unlikely they'll do a ton to make the controls more accurate.

KontrolFreek’s New TD Freek is Now Available for Purchase!

KontrolFreek™ (, makers of the blockbuster FPS Freek™ and Speed Freek™ attachments for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers, announced today that their recently announced TD Freek, is now available for purchase here:
The TD Freek gives football gamers improved comfort and maneuverability in titles like Madden NFL 11 and NCAA football by extending the joystick and providing more leverage and control. It also features a premium grip that resembles the external skin of a football. The result is greater precision and a higher winning percentage.
Casual and competitive football players alike will be thrilled with the results after spending just a little time using the TD Freek. The attachment provides significant benefits on both sides of the game. 

Offense: Avoid being tackled, get the yards and make the play with a higher degree of control. From the moment the ball is snapped, the player will feel the difference in their gaming performance using the TD Freek. Rushing, receiving, and scrambling in the pocket all become easier and more fluid.

Defense: Stop the offense in its tracks with more precise control and tackling. Football is a game of inches, and the better leverage afforded by the TD Freek will help the player push the offense back one yard at a time by tracking down ball carriers quickly and making better tackles. 

KontrolFreek makes high-quality video game console controller accessories that give players at all levels the competitive edge.  Using the latest in ergonomic science, engineering, and materials, the company’s Xbox 360 and PlayStation accessories are acclaimed by both critics and consumers alike.
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