Foosball 2012 begs you to play 24/7

by: Jeremy -
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I have to admit, the idea of Foosball 2012 is growing on me more and more with each passing week. The latest developer diary for the game has been released by developer Grip Games and talks a little bit about both the cross-platform play and the ability to continue your progress on either version.

Basically, not only will PS3 players be able to square off against Vita players online, but you can also save your progress between the 2 systems. If you are playing on your PS3 and have to run, even in the middle of a game, you can continue your game on the Vita... right where you left off. This is the sort of compatability I was waiting for on the Vita and hopefully more games will use this in the future.

You can check out the features in action in the developer’s diary below:

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