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Perfect World Entertainment is going to be giving away invites to a closed beta for "Kung Foo!", their upcoming Free MMO.  The game parodies Kung-Fu movies, game shows and more.  They are trying to put a lot of humor into this game and expect beta testers to be full of wit, too. 

If you are interested in testing this game, follow Kung Foo! on Twitter (click here).  Then, send your best "#FOO pun" to their account.  The most clever and humorous (judged by Perfect World Entertainment) will get an invite to the closed beta.  There are some examples in the press release, but they were so bad I couldn't bear to post them on the front page. 

More information about Kung Foo! can be found at its official website.
I wanted to quickly let your readers know that Kung Foo! has recently put out a call for a “hero” position and is currently accepting applications. So far, the applicants have been subpar with many asking for hero “finder’s fees” to be wired to faraway places like Somalia.
If you think any of your readers might have the right ‘foo” for the job, you can let them know that they can simply follow the official Kung Foo! Twitter account and do your best to get our attention with their best #FOO puns.
Example of #FOO puns (guideline only):
·         Get #FOO or get out
·         Give me #FOO or give me death
·         Join the #FOO Nation
·         May the #FOO be with you
·         Got #FOO?
Kung Foo! Official Twitter
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