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 A few weeks back, I posted a news story regarding a small group of developers attempting to create a game for the iPhone in 72 hours.  Project 72 allowed interested people to monitor the progress of the game through a live blog and video feed on the official web site.  Now, less than a month later, the finished project has made its way through the approval process and onto iTunes AppStore.  You can download the fruits of their labor for just $0.99.  Check it out...


Dogtown Studios
502 Vernon Ave, Venice CA 90291

January 25, 2010, 2.55PM PST

Project 72 - The fastest iPhone game ever built?
On January 5th, 4 boys in Venice Beach setup a Web-site where they intended to document and stream live video of the process of building a successful iPhone game in only 72 hours, from scratch.

72 hours later, their game was finished. Today, on January 25, 2010, the game was finally approved and released on the iTunes AppStore.

"It has been the most fun iPhone project so far and we encourage all indie developers to take this rapid development approach. It makes everything really exciting and forces you to stick to schedule. Just remember to try and set realistic deadlines." says Rasmus Hansson of Dogtown Studios

What started as a personal challenge for the boys in their office-garage in Venice Beach is now growing into a popular trend, where iPhone developers all over are racing against time to create the best game possible within the shortest amount of time. Super Ramen Brothers and Uranus Attack are two examples.

What were the toughest challenges you were facing during Project 72?
"Because we have previously developed 4 games for the iPhone, our processes are streamlined and we use many helpful tools. The most challenging task for us was to plan and how to actually make something really fun within the limited amount of time and resources we've had. There were no time slots open for execution failure so we've had to get everything right the first time."

At the end of their challenge, the number of followers on their Web-site had grown to over 5000 people, interesting in the progress and results.

What type of work did you perform over the 72 hours?
"We worked day and night to finish everything from the game concept, code, graphic design, music, sound effects, testing and bug fixing so we could have the game ready on the deadline, Friday January 8 at 10.00PM PST." says Mikael Tyrsen of Dogtown Studios

Now that the game is released, what are the next steps?
"To celebrate the launch of Project 72, we are announcing a high-score contest where 10 players can win up to $1,000 plus a custom made Project 72 T-Shirt. Check our Facebook Fan Page this afternoon for details." Says Carl Morck of Dogtown Studios


What is the game all about? Get it now at the AppStore for only 99 cents.
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