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SouthPeak Games made an interesting statement in their press release today for nail'd. They figured out that you'll spend 25% of each race in the air.  That's awesome.  Looking at these screens (and the video I posted early this week) it's a believable statement.  These truly are vertical maps.  Here are some new screens and artwork that were released for Gamescom.  I'd put on your helmet first.

Hello everybody! Got a fresh new batch of screens and two new pieces of artwork for you today for Deep Silver’s upcoming offroad arcade racer, nail’d. There’s lots of racers coming out this fall, but nail’d is the only original IP, offroad arcade racer in a sea of big name car sims, so we’re excited to bring out something a little different than the other racing options this holiday season. And, it’s a racer where you actually spend 25% of the time flying! WHAT! Don’t believe me? Well, check out some of these screens showing off Techland’s insane, vertical track design and you’ll get a glimpse for yourself.

Haven’t played nail’d yet? Thirsty for some more? Well, get ready, because we’ll have it available to play on the show floor at PAX Prime in September and we’re absolutely foaming at the mouth to have you come hurl yourself recklessly off of some sharp, jagged cliffs with us! (And no, I have not had my rabies shot this year. Do you think that’s a problem? :)

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