FlingSmash: Chad's impressions

by: Chad -
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The last game I'll write about from the Experience Nintendo Tour will be FlingSmash.  What an odd title to try and describe.  I can most liken it to the Lottery Ball minigame from Raving Rabbids TV Party.  Like that game, you control a spherical character and bounce them around the screen.  With massive points, bricks to break, and combos to earn, FlingSmash is a frenetic experience.

Movements is a direct result of swinging your Wii MotionPlus enabled remote.  It could get a little tiring because it's a couple minutes straight of waving your hand about.  Every now and then it slows the action down for a bit of story or hitting numbered balls in sequential order.

FlingSmash is interesting to say the least.  If the rumors are true and it's packaged with a Wii Remote with a built-in MotionPlus, you can't complain.  Otherwise, it seems like a very simplistic game that might have a hard time holding the attention of serious gamers.  Hopefully we'll get more details and features explained as we get closer to the November release date.
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