Five new screens for Deca Sports DS

by: Sean Colleli -
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Hudson may be catering to the core Nintendo gamer with their horror title Calling, but that doesn't mean they'll leave the kids high and dry. Hudson is bringing their signature sports series to the DS with Deca Sports DS. The game will feature ten sporting events, including arm wrestling. Check out the screenshots below. The game is only a few days away with a release date of March 2nd.

Warm up for the upcoming release of Hudson Entertainment’s Deca Sports DS with five new screens at the link below. Deca Sports DS features ten all-new, exciting sports, which include golf, ping pong, wall-climbing, bobsled, rugby, arm wrestling, clay shooting, cheerleading, sky diving and sepak takraw. The latest in the best-selling Deca Sports franchise will launch on the Nintendo DS on March 2.

Deca Sports DS will continue the original Deca Sports credo of “the Everybody Sports Game” and for added competitive fun, up to six players can join through DS Download Play. In addition to the new sports and multiplayer functionality, gamers will also be able to design their own teams by customizing uniforms, changing athlete abilities and even altering the physical characteristics of the athletes themselves.
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