Fist of the North Star takes tiny steps toward the US...

by: Jeremy -
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 A little while back I posted a story showing off Tecmo Koei's upcoming Hokuto Musou, aka Fist of the North Star.  At that time, the game was a Japanese exclusive, but this week that game has taken at least one step closer to getting a North American release.  Tecmo Koei's has announced that the game will get a release as Fist of the North Star in Europe this coming summer.
The game is comparable to Tecmo's previous Dynasty Warrior's style games, pitting the players in the roles of various Fist of the North Star characters who each have their own scenarios to play out.  At this time, it has been announced that at least Kenshiro, Raoh, Mamiya, and Rei... though many more are expected.  Hopefully Tecmo Koei will have some information or details about a U.S. release by E3.  
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