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bitComposer Games and Kalypso Media have announced the first standalone add-on for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.  In the add-on, titled Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, players will be transported to the peaceful country of Khanpaa which is suffering under the attacks of mercenary troops.  To save the country, Ambassador Behnam Atiquallahs must hire his own mercenary teams.

Features of the add-on include the first complete new story in the Jagged Alliance universe in almost a decade, a unique mix of tactics, RTS, RPG, and econimic simulation gameplay, optional line of sight mode and fog-of-war, twenty new achievements, and more.  Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is due out later this summer for digital distribution.

Ridgewood, NJ, June 13, 2012 - bitComposer Games and Kalypso Media are pleased to announce the first  standalone add-on to their successful strategy game, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, is set for a summer 2012 release via digital distribution. In Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, players are transported to Khanpaa, a peaceful country suffering under the brutal attacks of mercenary troops. To save his country from these bloody massacres, Ambassador Behnam Atiqullahs has no other choice but to hire his own mercenary teams to get to the bottom of these inexplicable and bloodthirsty attacks and to put an end to Khanpaa’s agony.

Features of Jagged Alliance: Crossfire:
  • The first complete new story in the Jagged Alliance universe in almost a decade    
  • Unique mix of tactics, RTS, RPG and economic simulation gameplay
  • Optional line of sight mode and fog-of-war
  • New enemies, new weapons, new threats
  • Ten new  M.E.R.C. mercenaries, bringing the roster up to 50 mercs
  • 20 new achievements
  • 15-20 hours of additional gameplay
Further information to Jagged Alliance: Crossfire and Back in Action can be found and
About The Kalypso Media Group
Founded in 2006 in Germany by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek, Kalypso Media is a global, independent developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software with 120 employees world-wide.
Along with Headquarters in Worms, Germany, the company has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States.  Kalypso Media also enjoys very strong global digital distribution through its Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. Subsidiary, and owns three development studios – Realmforge Studios GmbH, Gaming Minds Studios GmbH and Noumena Studios GmbH – and works with multiple leading independent developers.
Kalypso Media’s titles include the critically acclaimed Tropico 4, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Dungeons. Upcoming multi-platform titles include Port Royale 3, Omerta – City of Gangsters, DARK and The Dark Eye – Demonicon along with Legends of Pegasus for PC. Further information about Kalypso Media is available at
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