First of "Planet Packs" DLC for Waveform releases free next week

by: Travis -
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Eden Industries has announced that its indie puzzle game Waveform will be receiving the first release of "Planet Packs" downloadable content. In the first downloadable content pack, gamers will gain access to the new planet of Eris that's complete with seven levels and bonus Deep Space mode. As well, levels on Eris will utilize new effects of Pulsar and Reverse for an increased challenge.

The Pulsar effect will keep gamers vigilant with temporary distortion fields that can either work for or against them in completing levels. The most surprising revealed game mode, Reverse, changes the light beam's direction to move from right to left. Ryan Vandendyck, Waveform creator, contributes the Reverse game mode to his development time with Luigi’s Mansion 2. Vandendyck relates the Reverse mode concept to how, "...Miyamoto would often tell us to reward players for 'going left,' a reference to the number of bonus items he included in Mario 3 that were accessible only by heading left from a level’s starting point, an action he wanted to reward due to not being able to do this in the original Super Mario Bros."

As well, the first downloadable content will be available next week as a free download to owners of the game. The downloadable content will release in time for the upcoming Leaderboard Challenge that takes place in Eris' Deep Space mode, with the Reverse game effect enabled for increased difficulty. The top five winners of the challenge will receive a free Steam copy of point-and-click adventure game, Auditorium.

I thoroughly enjoyed Waveform and can't recommend it enough to gamers looking for an innovative and addictive indie game; check out my review for further details. Waveform is now available for Windows PC on Steam.

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