First look at Shinobi for the 3DS

by: Jeremy -
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As Sean pointed out last week, Sega is bringing back the Shinobi franchise on Nintendo’s 3DS. The new game is a completely new entry in the Shinobi series and will bring it into the spotlight for a new generation. The series kicked off in the arcade way back in 1987 and has since spawned 10 additional titles. The new Shinobi makes the 12th and the first that has been released in nearly a decade. The last time that Shinobi graced a home console was 2003‘s Nightshade on the PlayStation 3.

Judging from the screenshots and video (courtesy of IGN) below, the new Shinobi looks like a return to form for the series. The game is more reminiscent of the classic arcade titles than it is the recent 3D entries in the series. In case you aren’t sure, let me assure you that this fact is a good thing. Check it out:

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