First images of Mass Effect 3 pre-order bonuses

by: Nathaniel -
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Tweeted by @ME3News, the first information on Mass Effect 3's pre-order bonuses has hit the web.  Players who pre-order at Gamestop will be rewarded with the N7 Valkyrie rifle and Defender armor, while Best Buy is offering the Argus rifle to those that pre-order.  Those items can be seen in the pics below.  Not seen in pics (yet) are the items that come with the collector's edition: the N7 Crusader, N7 Eagle, N7 Hurricane, and N7 Valiant.  I'm assuming the N7 label marks them as weapons rather than armor.  Hopefully well get pictures of those in the near future.  Mass Effect 3 hits stores on 3.6.12.  

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