First footage of Wasteland 2

by: John -
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As a backer of Wasteland 2, I'm excited to see how the game's progressing. Having played the original a lot when I was a kid, the thought of going back into the world that got me into post-apocalyptic RPGs is something I wish would come sooner rather than later. inXile has finally released some footage of the game and it's turning out to be a very nice looking game.

Movement is real time but changes over to turn based combat when you're in an encounter. You'll have a certain amount of action points to spend on moving, attacking, or doing some skill. I like how you can setup some Rangers to simultaneously fire on an enemy to initiate combat. 

Overall, it looks like it's coming together very nicely. Wasteland 2 is a long time coming and inXile looks like they have the potential to make one helluva follow-up to the original game.
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