First WWE All Stars DLC launches

by: Jeremy -
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Talk about sneaking up on you... the first batch of DLC for THQ’s WWE All Stars is now available on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.I was really expecting THQ to advertise these packs better prior to their release but their addition made for a pleasant surprise when browsing the PlayStation Network store last night.

There are two packs currently available for the game. The first one is a free downloadable character in the form of the “greatest intercontinental champion of all time”, the Honky Tonk Man. Players will also find the American Dream Pack on their respective online stores for $1.99 which adds two more characters to the game’s playable roster, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. THQ is hitting the sweet spot for pricing with their additional characters as I cannot imagine anyone complaining about new in-game characters that only cost $1 a price (broken down).

This is only the first of numerous announced DLC characters coming to the game and if THQ keeps up with this pricing structure, I can envision myself buying them all. I just downloaded all three characters last night and will have impressions of each later this week.

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