First Sins of a Dark Age screens

by: Nathaniel -
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The minds behind the epically titled Sins of a Solar Empire are back with the equally epically titled Sins of a Dark Age, that was just announced a month ago and seen in action for the first time last week at GDC.

Today we have the first batch of screen shots for you to look at, and my oh my are they screeniest screen shots you'll see today.

Sins of a Dark Age is a hybrid RTS/MOBA that allows players to go into combat as a team featuring one commander and a small group of heroes to accomplish their goals.  The matches will be short, quick-fire affairs when facing off against an enemy team, or when working cooperatively toward a common goal against the game's AI.

Of special note among the screen shots is the first look at Sins of a Dark Age's UI, the in-game physics engine, and area of effect spells.

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